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Advanced Link Manager Software Review

Wednesday, 9 January 2013 10:48 by Jim

Following on from our review of Advanced Web Ranking, here is our review for it's companion software, Advanced Link Manager.

When you come across a piece of software designed to analyse your site’s ability to rank on Google, many questions come to the foreground for today’s SEO marketers. Advanced Link Manager ticks all the boxes on being your link building campaign buddy.  So, what features are offered by Advanced Link Manager?

1. Quickly view all inbound links connecting to your web pages. Since the penguin update, it is important to be aware of any low quality links. This is accompanied by a back links and search engine evolution chart for all the links. The reports show any broken links and indexed links. This is invaluable data for effective link building campaigns.

2. Competitor analysis is important and Advanced Link Manager shows a comparison between your site and your top competitors. This way you can add a competitor site and compare your back links to that competitor. If the competitor is ranking above you for a certain keyword, this part of the tool will show you what links the competing site used.

3. The tool seamlessly allows you to search for link partners by keyword. Partnering with a relevant niche site such as a blog or news site that has higher PR and more traffic can boost the search engine optimisation of your site. You can then email those partners and request a link exchange via the tool’s own email composer.

4. You can manage multiple projects at a time, a very appealing aspect for SEO teams. If you have a number of projects, each can be updated quickly for reports. The reports can be fully customised to contain your logo in the header and footer before emailing to clients. The user can also schedule the reports to be generated on specific dates.

5. The tool integrates with Google maps allowing you to filter all sites by keywords related to the Google 10 pack into the tool for analysis.

6. A web crawler will scan your site and report the number of outbound links, the META tag data and page sizes. You can then export the data as a Google sitemap containing all indexed links analysed to be uploaded to your server.

7. The software has its own proxy servers for the very busy SEO guy. There is no need to worry about Google bans as a result of extensive keyword searches. This is very appealing to SEO departments needing to work on several projects at a time.

Advanced Link Manager is very easy to follow. Before looking at the tutorials, you can sift easily from one link campaign to another. An SEO team can quickly perform keywords analysis with tools allowing further analysis of search engine traffic to view how well links are working and then run a quick report off. The learning curve is really quite low unlike so many SEO packages floating around the web.

Part of the competitor data allows you to monitor their back links. So, if one is ranking above you, the data shows you how their back links were chosen.

Google’s Penguin update recently shook the online world by penalising sites stuffing keywords, being too optimised, and linking to spammy sites. The links report shows all your top back links and also anchor text links so you can look for any bad sites in the eyes of Google.

Advanced Link Manager is the top choice for today’s online businesses wanting to monitor and improve link building and SEO firms needing thorough analysis of every marketing effort. The Advanced Link Manager tool is part of the whole Advanced Web Ranking package available for the main platforms: windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The different versions are standard, Professional, Enterprise and Server.

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